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Social Entrepreneur
Chief Strategist
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Global Teen Leader
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New Hampshire, USA
e-mail Dylan: dylan@mahalingam.com

p: 603.722.0414
f: 603.546.7830

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For starters, Dylan's official name is Krishna Mahalingam, but most people just call him Dylan. Dylan is now 16 years old.

Dylan was born in New Hampshire, United States of America, and he also resides here with his parents, and his older sister, Ammu, who is with him when she is not in college, and his beautiful chocolate Labrador Nestlé.

Dylan is an energetic, enthusiastic, charismatic young man with a love for life in general. Dylan is interested in a variety of things. He loves tennis, basketball, snowboarding, and swimming. He enjoys playing outside with his friends. He is a vegetarian and has been since he was born. Dylan is in 11th grade and his favorite subjects are math and science. Dylan is a black belt in karate. He loves music and currently plays piano, saxophone, guitar, a double-headed, barrel-shaped Indian drum called a mrdanga, and traditional Indian hand cymbals called kartals. In the past, he has played the trumpet, clarinet, traditional drums, and a hand-crafted, goblet shaped African drum called a djembe. His passion for public health and improving quality of life worldwide have led him to pursue several activities to promote awareness of and help alleviate global issues. Dylan has organized and initiated several campaigns to help the world's poor. Throughout the pages of this website, you can learn more about his accomplishments and various things he has done.

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latest news

2012 - Invited to attend the National Youth Forum on National Security (NYLF/NS)
2012 - Invited to serve as a panelist for the 9th Annual Youth Service Institute in Houston, TX
2012 - Invited to present at LIFE 2012 hosted by The Global Education & Leadership Foundation in Jaipur, India
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2012 - Invited to be an organizer, juror, and panelist for the World Summit Youth Awards event at the 18th World Congress on Information Technology  in Montréal, Canada
2012 - Invited to be a role model to lead a movement (organized by The Sian Media Group) to mobilize youth in South Korea to take action to meet the MDGs
2012 - Invited to speak at the World Future Energy Summit 2012 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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